Is your sleep healthy? Find out with Awarables

Sleep comes naturally to some lucky people. But for others, clock-watching or staring at the ceiling for hours while falling asleep, thinking of the bed as a place of stress and anxiety, weird familiarity with 3 am and 4 am and waking up tired, cloudy, and struggling to participate in life, is daily (or nightly) life.

“People who have chronically interrupted sleep are more likely to become depressed,” says Dr. Madhvi Upender, the Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Awarables, a sleep improvement company in the DC area.

Awarables has researched and developed a wearable that can clinically assess your sleep at home. Their new SleepBetter app (iOS | Android)  gives you personalized sleep recommendations, based on several factors such as amount slept and quality of sleep. They also host sleep talks in DC, sharing knowledge on how to improve your insomnia or that of a loved one, without medication. This information is unfortunately often skipped at doctors’ offices.

“Everyone should have the right to feel their best so that they can work towards being their best. Healthy sleep is a huge part of that goal and our mission for our customers” says Amrit Bandyopadhyay, Chief of Technology and co-founder.

About Coglide

We provide smart, beautiful, fun tools to engage your perfect customers. Using these tools, we provide qualified sales leads that have taken an interest in your business to your sales team. We helped Awarables develop a brief 5 question sleep assessment that aims to determine how healthy your sleep is. Once you answer all the questions, you get a numerical score and a tip on how to improve your sleep. 

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